Welcome to the dark side of art. The magnificent world of gothic presents mind blowing art pieces along with spectacular secrets of the world. Most of the time gothic people are labeled by the people surrounding them.  It is not a bad thing to be dressed in full black or to have a different type of appearance. These magnificent people that appear so frightening are actually most of the time the persons who everybody dreams of as a best friend.  They might be weird from the outside but they are also the loyal friends that anyone can count on when in need of a true friend.
A lost soul waiting in the wilderness for the right one to come so she can share all the love inside of her little heart.  Love is something that can never be fought.

Castle Wallpapers

Wallpapersa presents you with the opportunity to enter the magical kingdoms of fantasy. Discover new lands and breathtaking castle wallpapers for your imagination to run free and create new life and magnificent tales. Start a dream and set a goal to travel to the only place that you make the rules. There are so many differences in each and every one of us, build your own imaginary world where you can escape to when life turns its back on you. 

Movie Wallpaper - Best Movie Posters Online

The thing we all love most about movies, are the posters we see all around. By judging the wallpaper of the movie, you can already make up your mind if you want to watch it or not.

Movie Wallpapers are the top marketing point for a movie. Bad wallpaper, Bad marketing. But this again puts way too much stress on the designer. Designing a wallpaper for a newly launched movie is not an easy task. Producers pay thousands for the correct wallpaper to advertise their movie. Lets take a look at some great movie wallpapers.

We start off with Beowolf wallpapers. This is one of the best designs for a poster yet. The three top elements playing with your mind in this wallpaper is: 1. Darkness. 2. Mystery and Fantasy. 3. Angelina Jolie!!! All the men out there knows, when this girl enters the movie stage, its bound to be one to remember!

Awesome Animated Movies

Everybody has an inner child within them, and sooner or later that little kid wants to be unleashed. Whether it be unleashed in watching an animated movie or maybe just by playing your favourite childhood game, sooner or later it will be brought out.

Breath-taking Nature Wallpapers

Nature wallpapers are the leading cause of calm minds & motivated workers throughout the world. With a nature scene on your desktop background you will feel more relaxed when times are hard.
All the stories we heard when we were young took place in forests & woods where the trees are home to all the mythical creatures. While looking at these nature wallpapers, you can almost see the tiny beings of nature peek back at you wanting to tell you a story.
Nature backgrounds have the advantage of playing with colour psychology in a way that most people don’t even notice. While using natural colours like green and brown, they complement each other & contrast on each other at the same time.
Here is a couple of the most amazing nature wallpapers ever!
Lightning bursting over waters nature wallpaper

Medieval HD Desktop Wallpapers & Backgrounds

The medieval times is speculated by many people to be the dark time where magic ruled and man defeated the magical creatures and banished them to purgatory. We are unsure about certain details that happened in these dark times. Some claimed to have seen things and passed the memories and knowledge on to their offspring, should evil ever return.

Stories have spread and legends have been told, but are we ever in danger of falling back into black times? Yes we are! Medieval times began with people wanting power and grasping to supernatural means to reach their goals. We stand in the middle of a world at war! Nuclear bombs will rain down on us all one day by the hands of a few, but then in future years to come, legends will be told again to future generations. They will also think it was back then, but what will they have then to be looking out for?

We now sit and look at amazing medieval wallpapers on our pc, but it is hard to grasp that it really happened. Men riding on horses and wooden cannons firing to take over cities and uphold honour to your name. Royalty those days meant everything. If you were born in cheap-side, you meant nothing in the eyes of the rich. You slept in the mud and scrapped food from the ground if you didn’t have a skill like tailoring or blacksmithing.

Spectacular Pokémon Wallpapers For Your PC

The amazing world of Pokémon presents you with some of its most spectacular wallpapers to send you on a life changing journey every time you look at your computer background. This breath taking world holds lots more than what the eye can see. You get the opportunity to meet new people as well as discovering new amazing Pokémon as you continue through your journey. Here you can help your little creature to get better in battles and at some point it might evolve into something spectacular that you never dreamed about.  Join all the legend heroes along with their best friends on spectacular journeys of how they always stand together when trouble cross their paths. Be a part of all the action when you collect your favorite Pokémon wallpapers.

HD Wallpapers combination Fantasy Wallpaper

To better understand HD Wallpapers we must go back in time. When humans were still a very young specie we started to draw on rocks or in the sand to try & sketch a memory or express our imagination. We have always been looking for ways to keep an image & show it to everyone or brand our own things with them.
Here is a list of amazing wallpapers to brand almost everything you own!   

I Am Number Four Wallpaper

I Am Number Four Wallpaper

The action and eye catching movie is all hot and out of this world, it's filled with loads of action and unpredictable settings as well as movements, this particular movie is blasting with love, control and responsibility. Catch the coolest wallpapers in this building.

I Am Number Four2 Wallpaper

Dolphin Tale HD Wallpapers

Dolphin tale is based on a true storie about a boy who changed people’s lives by finding a true friend.  Winter is a young dolphin that got caught in a crab trap and was saved by a young boy. They became best friends and he never gave up on her, not even when things got difficult. Her tail had to be amputated to save her life, but after a while she taught herself to swim without the use of her tail.


The astonishing puzzles of Greek mythology presents us with another amazing part that so little people know of. They were known as the nature goddesses in the in the forms of women. How ever they were ranked below the Greek gods, they still had an extremely important task. The nymphs were responsible for the care taking of their environment. You might wonder how many different tipes were there.  There were countless tipes that represented something different like clouds, likes, fire, trees, mountains ect. These magnificent creations were sometimes seen as a mothers and healers of those who wondered around and end up getting lost somewhere. It is magnificent to discover what ancient Greeks believed in.

Observe one of the most spectacular creations that are brought forward by Greek mythology. The fire nymph looks a lot like the creature we know best as the she devil. This amazing creature is however responsible for maintaining the heat of the earth.   

Smurfs: The Movie

Smurfs High Definition Wallpaper
As you all know it is the Smurf fever this month, the Smurfs are back from history and they came with a bang, a 3D Movie for all to enjoy. The movie is not all they brought with them they also brought along great movie wallpapers for all the loyal fans, and to top it off, they have high definition pictures for the use of photography lovers.

Funky, high definition wallpapers is what you really want to see and that is what we are going to give you.


Free Desktop Wallpaper

Every body likes to get something with no cost. We present you with the most amazing desktop wallpapers that you can download for your pc for free. There are countless amounts of pictures that you can choose from to share and to enjoy while working on your computer. People who want to be different have the opportunity to choose from a big variety of abstract and art pictures. For the animal lovers who prefer to stare at the magnificence of nature can also decide to have the perfect desktop wallpaper. When you choose a background you need to ask yourself the question: Is that what I want to look at for the next couple of days or even weeks?
 Feel amazing when you look at this amazing image of limes along with the preparations for a magnificent Chinese dish.

Desktop Backgrounds

Desktop backgrounds have a very big influence on one’s day at the office. If you do not like your pc backgrounds you would not want to look at it. If you have amazing wallpapers on your PC that suit your character it can inspire you to enjoy your work so you can deliver better performance. There are so many different PC backgrounds these days to choose from to put on your desktop.




Nature Wallpapers

Moments in Nature captured perfectly in time, so starkly vivid that they appear almost magical in their beauty. Entwine your technology in the embrace of powerfully moving Nature Wallpapers that call to the wild side in the core of every person. 

Nothing in this world can beat the magnificent beauty the nature offers us. The peace and serenity slamming away all the stress in our everyday life. We all often strife for inspiration, but don't seem to find it hiding behind the first corner. It often takes us weeks, even years to get inspired and get the drive back in our lives to do what we love and create something marvelous. 

If you are seeking the magical relief from tension, you might want to have look at Magical HD Desktop Backgrounds, but while you are here, you can find free Nature Desktop Backgrounds from this magnificent post showcasing the true beauty of spectacular nature wallpapers!


Dragon Ball Z

Dragon ball Z is one of the most popular animated TV series in all time. The Saiyan race has been exterminated by freeza, and only a hand full of Saiyans remains. This is the amazing story of how they reach new levels with their powers, chasing myths of turning into super Saiyans and then surpassing that stage. It is the perfect mixture of action, passion & emotion to create an award winning series for the youth.

We all have our favourite character. It ranges from Broly, Goku, Son Gohan, Trunks & Vegeta. DBZ Wallpapers has taken our youth by storm and has been seen all around the globe! Collecting these backgrounds is a known hobby in children today. They have 1000s of dragon ball Z Pictures and share it all with their friends.
 Z FIghters

Most Amazing Full HD Wallpapers ever!

HD Wallpapers is something we all seek. Everyone wants to brag with the latest desktop backgrounds rotating around on their pc's. We often search the web for the most amazing pictures we can find, often leaving sites being very dissapointed about not finding anything. We will see about that. Here are 14 of the most amazing full HD Wallpapers that will keep you ahead of the game for weeks to come!

Amazing Fantasy Places And People Wallpapers

Fantasy places and people are what make up our imagination. Our dreams and fantasies are built upon fictional people we made up in our minds and places we only dream of and put it together into the most magnificent fantasy places ever.
Everything around us exists thanks to fantasy and imagination. This is why so many people spend their time creating fantasy wallpapers of people and places to help us build on our imagination to be able to dream further and live into our world of fantasy.
The truth about all this fictional fantasy creations is it helps to motivate us. It gives us hope that we possess the power to change everything around us into something we wish it could have been. All the fairy tales we heard when we were little are the beginning of what our fantasy worlds become. All the fantasy places and people we created in our minds are reflections and twists of all those characters we came to know and love.
We know that the older we get the more reality starts to sink in & we lose the ability to change the negative things into some dreamy. Every human is in charge of its own mind. You control it and you live by where you stair it to go. This is why we collected all these amazing fantasy people and places wallpapers for you to help you and inspire you to feel young again and not fall into the expectations of society to forget your childhood fantasies.
In historic times these was no technology and people did not have the gadgets we do today. They couldn't slide behind their big screen and watch a movie or play some PC games. They had to play outside and when you’re a dull person, playing outside may bore you to death. If you a the type of person who lives out your fantasies and build your own fantasy world, it becomes quite easy to entertain yourself for hours.
The best thing about fantasy is that it is infectious. It’s not easy to stop once you are hooked to living the way of the wicked. Once you experienced the joy of sitting at home and a friendly giant strolls by and gives you a ride on its shoulder or the thrills of you running for your life from the evil Dr. Zed who wants to control your mind to take over the world, you may never want to live in reality again.

Animals - Animal Wallpapers Online Free HD

Animals are mostly seen as our best friends. Animals are so beautiful that we have massive collections of animal wallpapers that were collected from photos taken from all over the world. Here we do things a little different. Here we put a twist on everything we get our hands on to make it different than the ordinary things that surrounds us.
HD Animal wallpapers is a big trend on the internet these days. Getting the cutest animals on your desktop background to make all your friends drool has become a sensation that humans quickly got addicted to.
We may never understand the feature that animals play in our lives, but I think it has to do with teaching us a little but more about life. We are always so rushed and angry with everything around us that we sometimes lose focus on what matters in life. We often end up alone and angry at the world because our lives passed us by and we lost things we held dear in our hearts. When you are sitting, staring at an animal, so peaceful and not bothered with much, I think we can see that without technology and other life elements that makes us rush through life, there is still a peace of quite where we can relax and take a deep breath.
Animal wallpapers also shows us times where we need to jump up and get things done. When you see a lion jumping on a zebra, biting his throat and killing him to feed its family, we better understand that even though there are times we need to take a step back and relax, there are times we need to jump in and get things done!

Animal Wallpaper Collection

When you look at life you will find that it is full of challenges, opportunities along with competitions. It is human that everybody wants to be the best, have the latest and greatest new thing; well today we give you the opportunity to have the best collection of fantasy wallpapers that you can decorate your room along with your computer desktop. Show of to all your friends out there and share the coolest most amazing fantasy wallpapers with each other to enlarge all your magnificent collections of fantasy pictures.



EMO Wallpapers HD

Emo wallpapers and backgrounds, emo kiss, emo ghotic, photos of emo concept, emo broken heart state of mind
 Emo Wallpapers Hd

End Of The World Wallpapers HD

End Of The World  Wallpaper If you believe the Mayans have correctly predicted that the end of the world will happen later this year on December 21st, then you have a little over 11 months to get started on those 2012 resolutions. If you want to keep track of exactly how much time you have left on this earth and have an Android smartphone, check out the Countdown to Mayan 2012 Live Wallpaper App.

Rise Of The Guardians Wallpapers HD

Rise of the Guardians is a 2012 American 3D computer-animated fantasy-adventure film based on William Joyce's The Guardians of Childhood book series and The Man in the Moon short film by Joyce and Reel FX. Produced by DreamWorks Animation and directed by Peter Ramsey, the film was released on November 21, 2012 in North America, and will be released on November 30 in the United Kingdom. Joyce is also exec-producing, along with Guillermo del Toro.

HD Christmas Girl Photos

HD Christmas Girl Photo - Young Grl with Christmas hat 、HD Wallpapers of Santa Girls in Santa Hat , Pictures of Santa Girls in Santa Hat, Beautiful Santa Helper Photos, Photos of Christmas Girls in Christmas Hat

 Red Christmas girls wallpaper with a girl in santa suit and sparkling stars

Christmas Girl Pictures and Images

hristmas wallpaper with a cute blonde girl with santahat, red lingerie and a present

Christmas Girls Wallpapers HD

Christmas Girls wallpapers as we think of you this Christmas. Hehe, why not to make your desktop warmer in this winter. Enjoy and Merry Xmas.

 Christmas wallpaper with two girls in sexy lingerie and santa hat